MbOUG meeting #2

 Welcome to the Manitoba Oracle Users Group!

Please join us for the MbOUG second meeting in downtown Winnipeg:

Thursday May 8, 4:30 – 6:30pm

Winnipeg MNP main office

2500 – 201 Portage Ave. (previously known as the TD or CanWest Building, 25th floor)

Parking is available on many of the nearby downtown streets which is most likely free after 5:30.  If you prefer a parkades,  there are  quite a few within a 3-5 minute walk.

  • Come after work and be a part of your local Oracle community
  • Light refreshments served
  • Networking opportunity with your peers and experts
  • Two informative and entertaining presentations

Thanks to MNP LLP and Oracle Canada for sponsoring this meeting!

Advance registration is required

Please send an email with your name and professional contact information to: register@mboug.org


4:30 Doors open, networking reception, refreshments and snacks

4:55  Welcome and opening remarks – Scott Greenlay, MNP Senior Partner

5:00  Your Local Oracle Support – Grant Rogers, Oracle Regional Sales Manager

5:05  Topic #1 – Oracle Spatial Integration with Geographical Information System (GIS) – Steve MacLean

5:45  Topic #2 – Oracle SQL Performance Tuning Tips and Tricks – Rodger Lepisky

6:25  Wrap up and details of next meeting

Oracle Spatial integration with Geographical Information System (GIS) – Steve MacLean

Steve will talk about his experience implementing the Web Mapping Applications  and Web Mapping Services. He will discuss a conceptual model of the web mapping solution, a data model for the web mapping solution and a spatial data management strategy to support the web mapping solution.

 About Steve


Steve MacLean is a senior technology professional with an over 18 years of experience.  His expertise includes; GIS systems implementation, project management, software architecture, application design, development, software testing, and deployment.

Steve has led the implementation of several large projects for both the public and private sectors.  He has led project teams that include software analysts, architects, developers, and testers that implemented systems using a variety of technologies including Oracle, ESRI ArcGIS Server, ESRI ArcGIS Desktop and ASP.NET

Oracle SQL Performance Tuning Tips and Tricks – Rodger Lepinsky

This presentation presents tips and tricks regarding Oracle SQL performance whether it applies to selects, inserts, updates, deletes.  Since are so many factors in tuning queries, it is difficult to assess and apply the best techniques and patterns to get the optimal performance.

 About Rodger


Rodger Lepinsky grew up in Winnipeg, and earned Bachelor’s degrees from the Asper School of Business, and University of Winnipeg’s Applied Computer Science program.  Working with databases since Oracle version 7 in 1995, he has worked in the roles of: Database Architecture/Design, Development, Warehousing, Tuning, Database and Unix Administration.  Some of his assignments have been at the largest financial companies in the USA: Fidelity, Wellington Management, Bank of America, and Western Asset Management.  To add to his resume he passed the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level 1 exam in 2007.

Rodger places a huge emphasis on quality, and has built systems that required no updates.

Recently, Rodger has been increasing his skill sets in: OBIEE, Oracle Apps R12 and MYSQL. In the Data Science and Big Data area, he has been learning java, R statistics software (Matlab), and graph databases. In his research, he has solved many technical issues with Oracle and other products, and many of his blog posts continue to rise to the top of the internet search rankings.

Visit Rodgers’ Blog http://rodgersnotes.wordpress.com or follow on Twitter: ttps://twitter.com/rodgersnotes


To register, please send an email with your name and business contact information to:  register@mboug.org

To stay informed of future events, join the MbOUG events and jobs email lists by emailing your contact information to register@mboug.

Our Sponsors

NMP LLP            intl_signature_canada_fr

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