The highlights of the MbOUG second event

A special thanks goes out to our meeting sponsors – MNP ( and Oracle ( .  Please visit their websites! The second meeting of the group went well. Thank you everyone for attending and supporting the effort to build the Oracle community.  We had two exciting presentations which captured the audience’s attention.

Tuning 101.  Rodger Lepisky presented techniques that solved some very mysterious tuning problems he has encountered during his work as a dba.  The quick read can be found here:


Oracle Spatial and GIS by Steve MacLean ( served up an amazing demonstration on his latest project, A Web Mapping Application. Steve described the conceptual model of the web mapping solution that utilizes Oracle Spatial and ESRI’s ArcGIS platform.   The application is built to consume data services from many different sources including BING and  other web mapping services, which is dynamically chosen based on the user interface selections from the presenting  web page. Steve efficiently demonstrated the fascinating functionality on how the application can rapidly serve up maps of GPS coordinates or text driven locations and overlay that location based on time. Please check out with Steve if you to find out more information.

  20140508_171706 20140508_172042

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